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All potential traders in Canada should be familiar with Forex demo accounts. A demo account — also known as paper account — is simply free access to a broker’s trading platform so that new traders can familiarize themselves with the tech and tools offered before switching to a live (real) account.

This is key — especially if you are a novice trader that wishes to explore the fascinating world of online trading — because you can:

  • Practice for free
  • Learn how the platform works
  • Test your strategies
  • Open and close positions
  • Set trading alerts
  • Play with indicators and signals
  • Access educational material offered by the broker is here to offer unbiased opinions on every single broker in Canada. It is our mission to protect potential traders — especially novices — from losing their money with unregulated and shady brokers. This includes reviewing all the best Forex brokers and checking whether they offer free demo accounts for you to use (with virtual funds up to $100,000) so you can practice before risking your own funds.

How to compare Forex demo accounts in Canada

Before opening an account with any broker in Canada, simply check if they offer a demo account. Then make sure that the demo account is free and comes with enough virtual funds so you can practice Forex trading before risking your hard-earned cash.

Here at we do that for you, so you don’t have to. Simply go over our comparison table and you’ll find all the info you need. You can easily find out which brokers offer demo accounts, if it is free, and how much virtual funds you can have to practice with.

The best Forex brokers in Canada

There are several FX brokers in Canada that offer optimal trading conditions including a free demo account. We advise our readers to get familiar with the trading platform and its features — on a demo account first — before trading on a live account.

Demo account benefits

The most obvious benefit that comes with a demo account is that you don’t have to risk your own funds. This is important — especially for beginner traders and investors — as you can practice your trading strategies, gain experience, and learn from your mistakes without losing any real money.

To test the platform

Free Forex demo accounts are given to potential clients that wish to test the trading platform before signing up for a live account. By doing so, potential traders in Canada can practice FX trading, use the platform’s tools, set up their stop loss/take profit alerts, go long or short on their favorite instrument, and experience online trading with virtual money.

To test broker services

Another benefit of the Forex demo account is that it gives potential traders time to test not only the trading platforms and tools but also to navigate through the broker’s website, access free educational content including videos and eBooks as well as ask the customer support team any trading-related questions.

To download any educational material

As already explained, potential investors can download for free any educational material offered by the FX broker of your choice when you sign up for a demo account. This can help you learn and hone your skills before you start trading.

To decide if a demo Forex account is right for you

The most important thing to consider when selecting a Forex demo account is to make sure that you go with the one that offers real-time market data so that you experience FX trading to the fullest. This way you can gain real experience and be ready for live trading.

Are Forex demo accounts accurate?

Most demo accounts offered by Forex brokers are not 100% accurate. Some are not using real-time market data. This means that your experience might be different than when trading on a real account.

Is Forex trading risky?

Online Forex trading is risky. Anyone who says otherwise is simply lying to you. Our mission here at Forex Broker Inc is to help you make informed decisions based on all the available info. This is why we always recommend trading on a demo (paper) account first and then — once you gain experience and feel confident — switch to live trading.


You can read our FAQ section to find answers to any questions you may have regarding Forex demo accounts in Canada.

What is the best demo account for Forex?

The best Forex demo account is the one that gives you free access to all the trading platforms and tools of your selected broker. This ensures that you can practice your trading strategies and try out all the trading features of that platform before you commit to making a deposit.

How do I open a Forex demo account?

In order to open a free FX demo account in Canada, all you need to do is go over our comparison table, pick the broker of your choice, and start the “open an account” process. Then, you’ll be able to choose between a real or a demo account. As simple as that.

Are Forex demo accounts free?

Most trusted and established brokers offer a demo account for free to all their potential clients. This is a good way to allow potential traders to get familiar with their trading platforms and tools before making a deposit.

Are Forex demo accounts safe?

Demo accounts are safe as long as you go with a regulated and trustworthy broker. You need to be careful when selecting a Forex broker — even if it’s just to open a demo account — in order to avoid being scammed and risk your data privacy.


Always manage your risk and make sure you understand all the risks involved in online trading before you open a real account. Test your strategies on a demo account first, gain experience, and only switch to a live account once you feel confident about your skills.

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